Konferencja Budowlana

Next Legal Building edition in Belgium is over!

Legal Building Ghent on the 23rd of October was the right opportunity for Belgian companies to learn more about the subject related to posting workers and cooperation with foreign subcontractors.


The participation of our experts in the field of posting employees – Mr. Michał Drab, Ms. Iwona Kasprzyk and Mr. Frederic De Wispelaere, made the seminar very successful.

The information gained during this meeting and the opportunity to participate in consultations with specialists certainly helped the participants to better understand the issues that are close to them and very important from the perspective of running their own business, working with foreign subcontractors.

A special thank you, to M.A.T. and Proof-Tech, two polish companies, who exposed their high quality products, to the participants.

During the coffee break, participants had the opportunity to discover KomFort BASE platform, that aims to connect construction companies in the European Union.

The first lecture, led by Mr. Frederic, made entrepreneurs aware of the scale of posting employees in the European Union. It turned out that Belgium is in the third place among the Member States when it comes to the admission of posted workers.

Ms. Iwona Kasprzyk presented in an interesting way proposals regarding changes in the European Union legislation when it comes to cross-border provision of services. She made the participants aware that it is primarily they who influence the legislative changes that are introduced and indicated how they can co-decide about it.

The problem of securing the construction contracts, while working with a foreign contractor, was taken by Mr. Michał Drab, who presented interesting cases of errors that were committed by the Belgian companies. These examples clearly highlighted the potential threats resulting from the lack of proper verification of their subcontractor.

Thank you for the participation in the Legal Building Ghent Seminar and see you at the next editions!

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